WKNDTRP is free. There are no costs for the user at this point. We might however have certain premium functions in the future which can be accessed by reaching a number of points in our loyalty program or by paing a subscription fee. If and when these are planned are not decided yet and it will never effect the basic functionality as of how it works today.

Loyalty programme

WKNDTRP has started a loyalty proramme. The program adds points to your profile. The exact value of what each action is worth is not disclosed but inviting friends to use the app rates highly ;)

Can I add my own venue

Yes, In the more venue there is always a posibility to add your own venue.

What do you want to achieve with WKNDTRP?

What we at WKNDTRP set out to do is to make travel easy. There are so many amazing adventures at the worlds best getaways, we know that we can help people to get inspired, plan, book, assist, experience and finally remember the weekend trips  of their lives, this is, of course, a tall order but we really work every day to achieve this as we want to make travel frictionless for our users. It's our mission. 


We see that weekend trips is on the rise. This is not springily so because a weekend trip allows for a good break and facilitates costs to a reasonable level if so wanted. Our definition is that a wkndtrp usually contains 3-4 nights at the getaway and just as many days. As the duration is short there will only be time for the best. WKNDTRP therefore focuses on curating the best stays, eats, drinks, shops and dos. Not all. We believe this will make travel easy for the user.

Why the chosen Getaways?

The Getaways which are available in the app are selected primarily by global popularity but also on the wishes of our users.