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When Tim Raue opened up the doors to his new restaurant, La Soupe Populaire, in the former venue of Bötzow Brewery on Prenzlauer Allee, people were super excited to come and see. Now La Soupe Populaire is one of the best restaurants in Berlin. La Soupe Populaire is known for its fantastic architecture and world class art but most of all for its Michelin star quality at an affordable price. The restaurant has built its base around best value for money dining. And boy is it amazing. For Tim it was really important to try to save the originality of the Brewery, which in a way almost feels like your dining in a smaller version of the Berghain. The industrial feel of the location is broken off in a cool way by the old school, random pieces of furniture and silver cutlery that were purchased from flee markets all over town but lets not forget to mention the key ingredients to this spectacular venue and that is the art collections and exhibition which is changed frequently. The menu was originally planned to solely evolve around the temporary art exhibition in the studio house but then the first menu, a reinvention of Berlin classics, was super popular and it was decided to keep it as a standard menu. So now there are two menus, the standard Berlin food and the temporary art menu. Right now the temporary art menu is Thai inspired based on the exhibition of famous photographer Andreas Gursky’s pictures of the Bangkok river. Which means that you right now can order Berliner Mustard Eggs as a starter and lobster tom kha khiau as a main, a pretty funky combo, but never the less a spectacular one. As La Soupe Populaire is extremely popular we recommend you to book a table prior to your travel.

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