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There is no better feeling then having the chance to sit down for an unforgettable home cocked meal, after an amazing day of running around the beautiful and historical streets of Florence for shopping and sightseeing, then when you finally arrive at the tiny but most enchanting little restaurant, Trattoria Angiolino. Situated in a historic building, which once served as the stables for Palazzo Frescobaldi. With vaulted ceilings, stone walls, and typical Tuscan decorations that creates that specific warm and cosy atmosphere you cant do anything but smile. Trattoria Angiolino is famous for their menu of Tuscan classics everything from pasta to meat and fish. The food is as good as you are imagining it now. The staff is very nice and very Italian. All the menus are in Italian and there is no one that really speaks English but the mouth-watering smells from the kitchen speaks for its self. We recommend you to try a little bit of everything as we promise you, you won’t get disappointed. Trattoria Angiolino is always full so we recommend you to come early or make a reservation before hand. Enjoy!

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