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Need of a break and get away from the city buzz of Bangkok? Muthi Maya Forest Pool Villa Resort is your place.  This luscious oasis of serenity gives you the chance to reconnect with your inner-self once again. Break away from the city's hustles and bustles, where lives are faced with hectic routine day after day. Muthi Maya is the perfect place for some alone time and a chance for reflection and relaxation in the midst of the beautiful tropical greens of world heritage, Khao Yai. Book a private villa for pure privacy or enjoy one of there amazing luxury suits. At Muthi Maya you can indulge yourself in various massages or spa treatments as well as incredible food. The hotel is really amazing and we highly recommend you to stay here. The service is really good and the staff is very friendly so if there is anything you need they will help you. We hope you will like your stay at Muthi Maya as much as we did.

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