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The Topkapı palace is without doubt the most beautiful place with all of its colourful tiles and large gardens but what is most capturing about this palace is the Harem. Hidden away in the beautiful courtyards of the Palace you find the well-known and highly secretive Harem. The harem was the private zone of the palace, where the wife’s of the sultan lived. The harem was strictly closed to outsiders, and it became the subject of many stories over the centuries. The concubines serving the sultan and his family were chosen from among the most beautiful and healthy girls of different races or they were presented to the court as gifts. These girls came to the harem at a very early age and were brought up under strict discipline. After they became thoroughly acquainted with the customs of the palace, they were separated into different groups. Those who could attract the attention of the sultan had the chance of becoming his wife.
If you think that the wife’s lived a easy life in this breath-taking palace guess again. If you want to know the full story of what went on inside the palace and in the Harem we highly recommend you to book your tickets now as this is truly an amazing experience.

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