Stockholm | Nightclub

Rose nightclub in Stockholm is for lovers of straight-up hits who refuse to let the weekend end. The decadent atmosphere and decoration creates the perfect vibe for a great night. The club is always packed with the beautiful Stockholm crowd and its no wonder as the music is extremely good. This is also a must stop for celebrities that are passing by the city. You have seen Kanye West, Tom Cruise and many others to just name a few. The club also has a smaller bar next door called FOU which is more of a chic New York bar but the atmosphere this is still as crazy and fun as Rose. We highly recommend you to do both. The doormen are however tricky so we recommend you to either book a table at both places or contact us to get on the list. These two places are defiantly something you don’t want to miss out on if your going to Stockholm over the weekend and want to go out dancing in the best place. Dress code is push and a bit high-end so we recommend a dress or a skirt for women and a shirt for men. Have a great evening!

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